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riddled_wrong in write_ransom

Bum Shuffle

there are a lot of homeless people where I live. A lot. Every day I am hassled to give away the money I scrape shit for and every day I feel scared when I walk home alone at night.

"Do not go walking alone at night." I got that fortune cookie twice in a row before.
Makes you wonder.

~~Slipping into the shadows of the gutters, I cruised my way home. Black knee high boots laced tight for a good sprint if I needed to.
Before I closed up the bar I shoved my tips into my bra and under a breast- no one was gonna stop me at gunpoint and say "Bitch! I know the money's in the bra!"- no. The air was thick with humidity and slathered my face in a coat of sweat that was as shiny as candy coating.

I heard footsteps that were not my own patting the ground behind me steadily and fear struck down into my heart like a hot knife. Anxiety gripped my stomach and  pressed my feet faster into what seemed to me like a muddy road- pulling me down, making me slower.

The smell of desperate circumstances wafted in my direction when I took a sidelong glance behind my shoulder-
"Fuck off!!" Those were the only words I apparently could muster from dry lips and quick breathe.

I then ripped a hole through time and space and stepped up onto my apartment buildings' steps. I punched the code in, bruising my fingertips...

I closed the door abruptly behind me and raced up four flights of stairs.
I was scared. I felt alone. I felt violated for the fact that I had fear on my skin and clothes and that just pissed me right off.

How dare people?
What the hell?~~

*I wish I knew martial arts.*

I wish I had a shotgun with rubber bullets.

Or a sling shot.


September 2007

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